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Preventive Maintenance Program for Trucks in Mirabel and Surrounding Areas

For the maintenance and repair of heavy trucks, trailers and semi-trailers, visit the Ressorts Mirabel inc. service centre. Our team of mechanics inspects the entire vehicle, identifies any defects and informs the customer, so that we can work with them to schedule immediate or future repairs. Thanks to our vast selection of heavy-duty truck parts, we are able to carry out urgent repairs as quickly as possible. We are also authorized to set up a preventive maintenance program for trucks in Mirabel, according to the requirements of the SAAQ. To obtain reliable and safe vehicles, entrust their maintenance to skilled professionals. Call us to book an appointment!

Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP)

According to the Quebec Highway Safety Code, all owners of heavy vehicles must undergo mandatory periodic mechanical inspections. However, they can also choose to implement a PMP and have it recognized by the SAAQ, which exempts them from these verifications. By entrusting your truck fleet's PMP to experienced mechanics, you can be sure that your vehicles are in perfect working order at all times. Preventive maintenance includes the inspection of the truck, as well as any changes, adjustments or repairs that the mechanic deems necessary.

Large Selection of Parts for Trucks and Trailers

We have an extensive stock of mechanical parts for heavy trucks.

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