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Heavy Truck Wheel Alignment in Mirabel

Alignment and balancing of tires are tasks that must be performed regularly, by skilled professionals. Indeed, poor balancing leads to premature tire wear and over-consumption of fuel. To drive longer with complete peace of mind, entrust us with your heavy truck wheel alignment in Mirabel. The experienced mechanics at Ressorts Mirabel inc. will make the necessary adjustments and ensure the perfect alignment of your wheels. This way, you’ll also avoid wear and tear or even breakage of mechanical parts, due to vibrations emitted by a poorly adjusted wheel-tire assembly. During a maintenance visit, our mechanics will check, among other things, the parallelism of your vehicle.

Our Services

Ressorts Mirabel inc. offers you state-of-the-art mechanical services, including:

Laser alignment: allows for extremely precise adjustment of the camber angle - between the wheels and the bodywork

Wheel balancing: a balancing manoeuvre of the tire-wheel assembly

Steering control: to prevent the vehicle from "drifting”

When Should You Have Your Truck's Wheels Checked?

In the absence of any problems, an annual visit is recommended. However, if you notice irregular tire wear, steering wheel vibrations or a tendency for your vehicle to drift, book an appointment at Ressorts Mirabel inc. and our technicians will check the balance, alignment and steering.

Suspension for Trucks

We repair or replace truck and trailer suspensions.

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