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Your Expert in Air Brake Systems in Mirabel and Throughout the Region

It is essential that the braking system of a vehicle, especially that of a truck, be maintained in perfect condition. In an emergency, several tons must be stopped as quickly as possible! This is why the brakes of your truck must be checked regularly, to ensure the safety of the driver, but also that of other drivers on the road. To have your check, repair or replace your air brake systems in Mirabel and the surrounding area, book an appointment at Ressorts Mirabel inc. Our mechanics will ensure the maintenance and eventual replacement of your braking system components, always using high-quality parts.

Our Specialities

The team of mechanics at Ressorts Mirabel inc. puts its cutting-edge knowledge of air brakes and braking systems of all kinds to work for you. We also offer you ABS diagnosis: this special device, which prevents wheel lockup in the event of emergency braking, can prove vital. We always check the condition of your brakes during maintenance visits.

Checking and Repairing Brakes

For all your air brake system repair needs, trust Ressorts Mirabel inc. Our team has the expertise to ensure their inspection, repair and adjustment. To optimize the braking distance of your vehicle, come and see us today!

Truck and Trailer Repairs

Ressorts Mirabel inc. performs all mechanical maintenance on trucks.

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